Ah, the magic of the movies.

The sound of the popcorn popper, the rattle of a Milk Duds box. For many of us, this iconic experience shaped our love of cinema. And sure, now you can bring an entire pizza into the theater and wash it down with a beer, but the concept is still the same: we are there to be swept into the world of film, together.

Over time, we’ve come to learn that amazing films come in all genres, from around the world, and with colossal and miniscule budgets. What we see in our typical large theaters is truly just a fraction of what’s out there.

Thankfully, Duluth is home to a theater that scours the world of film to bring us the best in narrative, documentary, repertory, classic and cult cinema every day of the week.

Zinema 2 is located in the bottom of the Zeitgeist building, which you’ll find nestled in Duluth’s Historic Arts and Theater District on East Superior Street. The building also houses the Zeitgeist Arts Cafe and Teatro performance theater.

Matt Dressel serves as the Zinema’s programming and communications manager. He says his love of cinema began not unlike other filmmakers and enthusiasts.

“I picked up my grandpa’s old SVHS camcorder when I was five years old, and I just started filming anything,” said Dressel, who is originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan. “I just got so enamored with filming and movies, and that has just been my entire life. So I was really happy when I came to Duluth and I found that there was the Zinema, and they were doing things that were outside of the box.”

Current showings at the Zinema include Spike Lee’s drama BlacKkKlansman and Eight Grade, the critically-acclaimed coming-of-age comedy by Bo Burnham. Special screenings include the 50th anniversary 4K re-release of 2001: A Space Odyssey, and a 30th anniversary showing of Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

“We really take our programming seriously,” Dressel told us. “I’m trying to bring films that we can stand behind, that we can say that this is a quality piece of film, and it will challenge you, and it will entertain you.”

For more special screenings and upcoming events, visit Zinema 2’s Facebook page.

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