Google started the glam workplace trend with nap rooms, gourmet coffee bars and exercise classes, a movement that eventually progressed to include such perks as ski gondolas in its Zurich office, a pub-like meeting room in Dublin, and an in-house sidewalk cafe in Istanbul.

As a tech-savvy, adventurous new generation of employees enters the workforce, businesses are scrambling to attract and keep great staff members. To do so, a Keurig and 401K aren’t always enough to capture their attention.

Job seekers today are looking for everything from yoga classes to pizza lunches to in-house popcorn machines. Others focus on core values, such as respect, and yet others are on a quest for gym memberships and parking spaces. Many just want a good old-fashioned pat on the back once in a while, and some are attracted to great corner office views, decent health insurance and a couch to take a nap on without anyone sneering at them.

We here at have a pretty great office atmosphere – yep, popcorn machine down the hall – really hilarious co-workers, a great boss, and we live up to our core values, one of which is simply “Have fun.”

Now we’re just wondering what YOU love about YOUR workplace. Send us your stories and your company could end up featured in the October issue of under Best Workplaces in Duluth.

Go ahead, get yourself all cozy in that staff lounge, brew up some Starbucks and let us know what you love about where you work.

We look forward to your stories! Email us at

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