Video by Michelle Truax
Talent: Brooks Johnson

What if you could keep Halloween tasty while sneaking in some nutrition?

The Switch Witch has apparently been around for years. Essentially, she (or he!) visits your home on Halloween night and swaps your kid’s Halloween candy for a healthier alternative. Some go with toys as a replacement, but we decided to see what we could find snack-wise.

Alternative treats we used:

Justin’s Snack Pack Maple Almost Butter with Pretzels
Surf Sweets Organic Jelly Beans
Torie & Howard Organic Hard Candy
Mavung Harvest Organic Tropical Mix
Wholesome Organic DelishFish
OCHO Coconut: The Organic Candy Bar
Bug Bites Natural Dark Chocolate has a poetic explanation for kids:

Since long ago and still this year,
When Halloween is coming near,
Switch Witches cheer, “Let’s go visit!”
Of course to stay with you, my dear!

There’s even more Switch Witches do!
For spending so much time with you –
To thank you for the great delight –
You’ll get a magic switch-a-roo!

“A switch-a-roo?!” Yes, that’s right.
Trade some treats from Halloween night.
Your Switch Witch friend will wave a wand
And leave a gift – it’s quite a sight!

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