Episode 1: Shannon’s Story

Shannon Benolken is tackling the entire Superior Hiking Trail in one year.

Follow her on her journey through tough terrain and breathtaking views on the North Shore of Lake Superior.

Episode 2: A New Companion

The latest addition to Shannon’s hiking squad is a 3-month-old Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy named Angus.

Angus is just learning how to tackle the trail, so he won’t be joining Shannon and her fellow hikers on their upcoming 160-180 mile trek in June. He will, however, be accompanying Shannon on shorter hikes as she racks up the miles along the the North Shore of Lake Superior.

Episode 3: Gearing Up

With just over 130 miles under her belt, Shannon is now gearing up for a multi-day hike that will tack on another 160-180 miles in 13 days.

Shannon leaves with her two fellow hikers, Melissa and Katie, on Sunday, June 3.

In episode three of our series, we check out some of the items they’ll need as they go the distance.

Episode 4: Crossing Encampment

Shannon left the Demonstration Forest in Two Harbors with her hiking partner, Melissa Jorgenson-Rauzi, on June 3.

We caught up with them the next day 22 miles in, at the Encampment River in Castle Danger.

Check back for updates on Duluth.com as they trek to Pincushion Mountain in Grand Marais.

Episode 5: “The Trail Tackled Me”

Shannon and Melissa’s companion, Katie Scharpf, joined them on Day 7 of their epic journey on the Superior Hiking Trail. Unfortunately, that was the same day Shannon encountered a major setback.

We caught up with the trio on Day 11 at Cascade River State Park in Lutsen, about 20 miles south of their final destination.

Check back for the final episode of Tackling the Trail later this week!

Episode 6: The Push to Pincushion

Our hikers made the final push through foggy, wet forest to Pincushion on June 15.

Melissa finished the entire 13-day trek, clocking roughly 170 miles on the trail. Shannon estimates her mileage to be about 140, and Katie completed about 75 miles.

Shannon plans to finish the last 40 miles of the Superior Hiking Trail over the summer.

We want to thank our hikers for letting us follow along on this fantastic journey! 

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