The Fixx taught us way back in 1983 that “One Thing Leads to Another,” and this is especially true with proposals. Popping the question is lighting the fuse for the fireworks of the wedding day. That fuse branches off to a myriad of other questions, decisions and experiences for both you and your friends and family.

Asking someone to be a member of the wedding party is a “branch-fuse” question that carries one of the highest honors a couple can express to the important people in their lives. You are telling someone, “of all the people in the world, I want to share this occasion with you close to me.” Naturally if we can add a fun and memorable way to ask the question, all the better! This picture box project allows you to create a beautiful personalized keepsake that a person can have forever.

1. Select your favorite style box. There are so many cute options in the unfinished wood project section of your local craft store. The box I selected had a 2×2 opening inside which made my measurements for this project super easy. If you select a different size, adjust the measurements listed below accordingly.

2. Pick card stock from that craft store as well. Remember, the more simple and subtle the paper, the more your photos will stand out.

3. When you get home, select your favorite pictures of the person you are asking to be in your wedding party. If you are selecting photos from social media, Facebook makes this a cinch. Get onto your friend’s Facebook page. On their banner you’ll see a box with three dots to the far right. Select “see friendship” to get the photos of you and your friend together. For each picture, right click and select “Copy Image”.

4. Individually paste them into a Word document in order to manipulate the size of each picture. Since the opening inside the box is 2” you will want to reduce the size to less than this for both length and height. Continue this process for each photo.

5. If you would like the images to be spread throughout the page in order to leave white space to cut around the picture, right click the picture, select format image, and select “tight.” You will be able to move the picture around the page.

6. By using Word, you can create a text box that is the correct size in which to write your message. Click on “insert” on the top menu and then “text box” from the drop down menu. You can adjust the size of this box by clicking on the corner of the box and dragging it to the correct size. Next, add the message you’d like to ask your special person. To get a line around the box, you may need to right click, select “format shape,” then “line” to add color.

7. Print your page on quality paper — although it doesn’t have to be photo paper.

8. Cut out your pictures using a scissor or a paper cutter leaving a border around the edge.

9. Cut your cardstock in a 2-inch strip. Then fold the paper into an accordion, making a crease every two inches. Depending on how many pictures you have, continue to make folds until all of your photos will fit.

10. On every section, use your adhesive roller to attach the photos to the cardstock.

11. Attach the bottom square of the cardstock to the bottom of the box with glue.

12. Cut along the edge of the text box to prep the message you made for your pal. Place adhesive on the back of the message and insert it into the bottom of the box.

13. Continue this process for each person you are asking to be in your wedding party.

Mary Rasch is a Duluth artist and mother of two. Her book, “Fleece Hat Friends and Playful Hoodies,” is available on Amazon.

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