Through Zeitgeist‘s front doors, beyond the Cafe and above Zinema 2, you’ll find Renegade Theater Company. Peek into the Teatro on just about any night, and you’ll most likely find a lively crew of creatives honing their craft on stage.

This was the scene last Wednesday inside Zeitgeist’s intimate theater space. That’s where we found Renegade Artistic Director, Mary Fox, carefully guiding the cast of Oklahoma! through an intricate — and captivating — rehearsal.

Rodgers & Hammerstein’s classic musical first hit Broadway in 1943 and was a smash hit, widely regarded as a landmark musical of the century. Fox, who is directing the show, said she’s excited to bring a stripped down version to the Teatro stage.

“One of the coolest things to see is when we can take a giant traditional musical and put it in this really small theater,” Fox told us, adding that they’ve also chosen to keep casting gender-neutral for the show.

“You might feel uncomfortable, but I think that’s part of our job. Our job is to push those limits,” Fox said. “And when you have characters and actors committing to the story that they’re trying to tell, then there’s nothing better than that.”

Renegade is also bending traditions this season by employing female directors for every production. Check out their 2018-2019 lineup here.

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