If you visited Hartley Park last Saturday and saw people in swimsuits, don’t worry, your eyes weren’t deceiving you. There were, indeed, some scantily clad folks enjoying the sunshine and taking a gleeful dip into a sea of powdery white snow.

So, was it a case of major cabin fever? A spontaneous heat wave?

Nope. It’s Hiki Hut.

Kelby and Whitney Sundquist have been trailering their new business around town for about three months, bringing their mobile sauna to some of Duluth’s prettiest places.

Using solar electricity and a wood-burning stove, they can pretty much go anywhere. So far, they’ve hit up the grounds of Glensheen for the Duluth Winter Village, Brighton Beach, Ursa Minor Brewing, Park Point, Chester Park, and they’ve even parked Hiki Hut on the bay for the Lake Superior Ice Festival.

The concept is simple: Hiki Hut offers public and private events, and they have six seats available in the sauna for booking. The Sundquists plan to do at least two public events per month. You can follow their schedule at hikihut.com, or find them on Mindbody. Happy snow dipping!

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