It began with a stress fracture. Well, three, to be exact.

A freshman in high school at the time, Dr. Kyle Severson (or Dr. Kyle, as he prefers) found himself benched from the cross country and track seasons — devastating news for a kid with a love of running.

“I went to some of the top health care providers, and I really didn’t get a clear answer,” Dr. Kyle told us. “It wasn’t until I started seeing a chiropractor and learned about how the body was created to heal, operate, and function, that I started to recover faster.”

Dr. Kyle said regular chiropractic care had major long-term benefits as well, helping him to stay injury-free, have more energy, and continually perform at a higher level. That’s when his passion for chiropractic care emerged.

“I just wanted to bring that to as many lives as I could because it changed mine so much,” he said.

After receiving his high honors Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, Dr. Kyle dedicated his education to learning about chiropractic and natural healing. He graduated magna cum laude in his class at Northwestern Health Sciences Univerity as a Doctor of Chiropractic in 2017.

When the time came to open his own practice, Dr. Kyle said he chose Duluth because of its incredible outdoor community. His main goal is to help people of all ages and abilities lead fulfilling lives.

“What I wanted to create with Wilderness Wellness Chiropractic is a brand for the community of Duluth to really get behind,” Dr. Kyle said. “Everyone can benefit from taking care of their spine and nervous system, there’s no question about it. Just like when you start eating healthy, it’s a lifestyle change.”

It’s through that lifestyle change that Dr. Kyle said his patients learn how to boost their body’s natural ability to heal itself.

You can find Wilderness Wellness at 224 E. Central Entrance in Duluth, or email Dr. Severson at Find him on Facebook here.

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