What comes to mind when you think of a house museum? We’re willing to bet it’s not 2,000 concert-goers lounging by 31,700 square miles of fresh water.

But with Glensheen, that’s a typical Wednesday in July.

“It’s the one time of the year where Glensheen, as a community space, really comes alive,” Estate Director Dan Hartman told us when we stopped by their Concerts on the Pier music series. “I feel like Glensheen is another city park.”

Summer nights at Glensheen truly feel magical, and the folks behind the curtain of this 12-acre estate are going the extra mile to make it accessible. They’ve launched the new Lake Superior Beach Club, a free evening of fun with a cash bar (local brews, anyone?), lawn games, bonfires, menus for food delivery, and an endless supply of rocks for skipping (courtesy of our Great Lake). You can also tack on a two-hour Summer Evening Tour, which covers the entire estate, for a lower price this summer.

“We as a staff are really proud that we are completely the counter to what the stereotype is of a house museum,” Hartman said. “At the core of it, it’s this crazy amazing mansion, on the shore of Lake Superior, that’s now ours.”

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