The Duluth area is a bit lighter this spring. Like, 5,195 pounds lighter.

About 13 weeks ago, the Duluth News Tribune launched their first Duluze Weight Loss Challenge, a competition to help Northlanders start 2019 on a healthy note.

After an initial weigh-in at Clyde Iron Works in January, more than 500 competitors began logging their progress each week, competing to be one of the teams to lose the highest percentage of body weight in their category. Top teams of two would receive $600, and top teams of four would get $1,200.

Fast forward to April 18 and bam… these teams put in some serious work. The weigh-out event revealed major physical and mental transformations, and new motivation to continue a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

Overall, women’s teams of two lost a total of 1,042.38 pounds, men’s teams of two lost 219.8 pounds, co-ed teams of two lost 1,346.3 pounds, co-ed teams of four lost 1,221 pounds, and women’s teams of four lost a total of 1,364.6 pounds. That adds up to 5,194.08 pounds lost in 13 weeks. We. Are. Amazed.

Hear what teams had to say in the video above, and check out the full list of results here.

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