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Article excerpt by Holly Henry & Duluth News Tribune Features staff

We were looking for low-price picks from upscale restaurants, tried and true desserts, an upgrade to a recent canned seafood obsession.

A bunch of lunchers from the News Tribune and selected from the 16 participating stops in the fall go-round of Eat Downtown — Duluth’s twice yearly take on Restaurant Week.

The gist: these spots offer a fixed price for lunch and/or dinner — $10 for the former, $25 for the latter. This includes some combination of soup, salad or appetizer, a main entree, and dessert.


As we doled out assignments for a review of Eat Downtown, I quickly put my hand up for Canal Park Brewery. And, surprisingly, it was not because of the obvious … good beer. No, it was the third course, a mini Swedish Cream that grabbed my attention. I’d had it before and honestly, there’s no better adjective to describe it than “dreamy.” Think thickened cream and sugar whipped together, topped with blueberries, blackberries and raspberries crowned with a divine lingonberry sauce.

I’m not a foodie, but I love sweets and have eaten them in lots of different places across the globe. Right here in Duluth, folks, we’ve got a world-class dessert. Tip: The full serving on the regular menu comes with a whimsical little white chocolate bowl filled with chocolate sauce. It just keeps getting better.

Canal Park Brewery is offering a mini Swedish Cream. Michelle Truax /

What we had: As almost an afterthought, from course one and two I chose the salad and the burger. For 10 bucks, this meal was great value. I thought the burger was slightly overdone, though in their defense the rareness at which I like to consume my meat is probably illegal in America. My dining partner, who is truly a devoted aficionado of the fried potato, labeled the fries some of the best in the business. And I quote: “The ratio of potato to deep-fried crunchy goodness was perfect.”

Thoughts: I don’t eat gluten and my dining partner is vegan so we’re a really tough crowd right out of the gate. The true highlight of our visit was our server, Lora, who made several trips to the kitchen to get things just right for the Picky People at Table 10. If I owned a restaurant, I would steal her. Outstanding service. We all agreed we’d go back and have a go at the mainstream menu.

– Holly Henry

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