Situated just off of I-35 on Guss Road in Duluth, The Buffalo House features a full restaurant and bar, a sports complex, RV hook-up, parking, and campground and banquet facilities near miles of trails and just a half mile away from golfing.

A little history:

George Stoyanoff purchased the land now known as Buffalo Valley in 1958. Ten years later George, with family and friends, built the Buffalo House with lumber from Buffalo Valley. Doors opened in 1972.

As time went by, George raised a herd of 21 buffalo, built a kid’s zoo, swimming pool, campground, six ball fields, and the Buffalo Junction. The Buffalo House, along with Buffalo Valley, continued expanding.

On March 9th, 1984, a small explosion in a wood stove caused a major fire that burned the Buffalo House to the ground. Many years later George, his family and friends, rebuilt the facility.

It started out as a small bar and a few dining tables, which soon expanded into a full dining room and upstairs banquet room known as The Great Bison Hall. The entire space now boasts a total of about 150 acres.

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