With most of the Northland coated in white, many of us are thinking Christmas.

But the Hoffbauers had the holidays in mind when grills were firing up and pool noodles were aplenty, because maintaining a tree farm is a year-round commitment.

And that dedication shows when it’s time to harvest — just ask their customers (spoiler alert: these trees will last until you’re good and ready to throw in the towel).

You’ll find the Hoffbauers sharing a wide variety of Christmas trees, wreaths, and gifts at the Duluth Farmers Market and Super One Foods in West Duluth throughout the season. Both locations are open weekdays from 11am-7pm, and weekends from 9am-6pm.

They’re a full service tree lot with needle shaking, fresh cuts, tree wrapping, and they’ll also help you attach it to your car.

Follow the Hoffbauers and Farmer Doug on Facebook for updates throughout the year.

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