Whole Foods Co-op Featured Artist: Nancy Meisinger

Looking for some amazing art? Stop by the grocery store!

Every month, Whole Foods Co-op features a different artist at their Denfeld and Hillside locations. Nancy Meisinger is the Denfeld artist for April, and her work is a must-see.

“One Hundred” consists of 100 hand-drawn portraits of women, all incredibly unique and varying from minimalist to ornate.

While the piece is meant to be lighthearted, Meisinger hopes it will also invoke emotion and thought.

“When we’re viewing people for the first time, what kind of perceptions and judgement do we automatically go to?” she says. “We might not think we judge people, but I think we do, and we do it excessively. And I’m always trying to find that space in me and just let go of that, let go of the judgement.”

Meisinger’s work will be on display through the end of the month at the Co-op. You an also see her work at Sivertson Gallery this Saturday, April 22 during a special Earth Day Celebration.

The music for this video was provided by Emily Haavik, a Minnesota musician currently based in St. Paul.