Vitta Pizza – Benito – Just The Facts

8 The Crust
7 The Sauce
8 The Cheese
8 The Toppings

Opened in 2011, Vitta Pizza is a relatively new Purveyor of pies in Duluth. We stopped in to give one of their brick oven cooked pizzas a try and ordered the Benito.

[The Crust 8/10] Neopalitan style pizzas, certified ones anyway, are subject to a whole list of requirements to be “authentic.” This pizza was cooked in a wood-fired brick oven at temperatures of around 900°F. That means the pizza cooks in roughly 90 seconds. For that to possible the crust needs to be super thin. This results in a magically crispy, bubbly, and delicious crust upon which to create a masterpiece. 

[The Sauce 7/10]
One of the rules for Neopalitan pizzas is that they must must be made with San Marzano tomatoes. These magic tomatoes grow on the volcanic plains of mount Vesuvius. These tomatoes are delicious and lend themselves to the simple no nonsense approach required for a pizza cooked at over 900°F.

[The Cheese 8/10]
Fresh Mozzarella is something all together different than regular mozzarella. Fresh melty mozzarella on it’s own is a treat: soft and moist with a milky, salty flavor. Any pizza would be proud to be topped with Fresh Mozzarella.  Coupling that with tangy goat cheese, the Benito is built for success.

[Toppings 8/10]
Salty ham slices, tangy pepperoncinis, and spicy arugula make the Benito a pizza worth coming back for. It’s so good, you probably won’t want to share and, at 9″ across, you won’t have to.

[Conclusion] If you’re in the mood for a delicious Neopalitan style pizza, or maybe are just in a hurry, swing on down to Vitta Pizza. They’ve got daily specials on pizza, a dog friendly patio, and pizzas that come out blazzing fast. Tell ’em sent you.

Vitta Pizza
307 Canal Park Drive
Duluth MN 55802
phone: (218) 727-2226



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