Valentines Alternatives

In the age of Promposals, and viral engagement video, it seems like plain old candy and roses wouldn’t be adequate for Valentine’s Day.

And while Men’s Health and Cosmo magazines both have lists of the most romantic things you can get your bf/gf for that most important of romantic holidays, we’ve got a few ideas that will make theirs look like heart-shaped pizza and gas station lace-panty roses.

Mysterious Package Company – Got a significant other who loves mysteries? Why not give them one of their own for Valentine’s Day? Imagine getting a letter from a unknown relative, or from a person seeking help, only it’s not a Nigerian email scam. That’s the beginning of an experience for your Valentine they will never forget. For a few weeks to a few months, your Valentine will get packages with clues to follow. The packages are authentic down to the postage mark, special paper and dates, as well as filled with old photographs, newspaper clippings and even coded messages. To top it all off, the adventure ends with the delivery of a wooden box filled with an object d’art. All in all, it’s a gift that keeps on giving, not only as an experience they’ll never forget, but also as a piece of art that will last. That’s more than you can say for a dozen roses.
Ranging in price from $100 to $300, the packages are delivered anonymously until the end when your identity is revealed. Just a suggestion, if you get your beloved a mysterious package for V Day, you might want to get some flowers and chocolate too, so they don’t go around thinking you’ve forgotten about them until your secret is out.

Parisian Love Lock and Key

For a long time in Paris, there was a tradition of lovers visiting Paris heading to the Pont des Arts Bridge, writing a note and attaching it to the bridge with a lock. For years the locks remained on the bridge, a testament to the eternity of lovers’ commitments.
But, Paris outlawed the tradition in 2015 and removed all the locks. That didn’t stop those in love, though. Lovers continued to lock their sentiments to the bridge, until in 2016 Paris installed anti-lock measures to protect the bridge. Way to be all lovey-dovey there, Paris…

Still, what more romantic of a gesture of love than to present someone the lock and key to your heart?

Olive and Cocoa will deliver a Parisian Love Lock and Key to your Valentine in a wooden box with a special note just from you. At just under $40, the lock and key are reminders of how your love has opened your heart and closed it away from any other … One thing though … make sure they don’t think there’s a trip to Paris included with the lock.

The Man Crate

Forget the tie, The Man Crate is something your guy (or gal) will REALLY want.
I mean, who would NOT want a gift that comes in a stamped wooden crate, complete with its own laser-engraved crowbar? And that’s just the outside!

Inside, The Man Crate gang fill the crates with what your other half loves. The company has curated a number of selections, from beef jerky, to whiskey appreciation kits, to a crate for the self-proclaimed grill master, to a gift card you have to release from its concrete case with a hammer. A Man Crate says not only do you know what your Valentine likes, but that you understand they’re just not the type to get excited about gift wrap and pretty bows.

Ranging from $25 to $300, the crates are sure to be a hit when you have one delivered to your Valentine’s office. For extra added suspense, you can get the whole thing wrapped in layers and layers of Duct Tape. I mean, come on. What says “I love you, dude!” better than a wooden box, a heavy tool and layers upon layers of Duct Tape?

Sock of the Month Club

Yeah, I know you’re laughing, but I’m not kidding, sock of the month clubs are a real, wanted thing. One of the hottest trends in fashion these days is cool socks. If your bf/gf loves socks with tacos or sushi on them, or even bright socks with crazy patterns, this is the gift for them.

For as little as $20 per month, sock of the month club companies, like Sock Panda, will deliver two pair of socks – one conservative and one outrageous. For a full year, your special someone will not only get socks delivered to their door, but also get the opportunity to show off their awesomeness at least twice a month.

Now, if you can only figure out a way to keep the dryer from eating only one of them…

The Tranquility Pod

So, in this age of stress and hurry, not everyone can zone out for a few days in a hot tub in the mountains to relax. And some of us need that kind of relaxation a little more than once in a great while. For that kind of sweetie, the perfect thing might be a place to get away from it all and sleep.

Imagine a bed that blocks out almost all outside noise, lets LED lights flicker in multi-colors? Curl up on a mattress that vibrates slightly and a hide from the world under a shell that pipes music in from your iPad or iPod. Like a super modern, grown up blanket fort with lights and music.

It’s called the Tranquility Pod and it’s one of the one-of-a-kind selections from Hammacher Schlemmer. Granted, you’d have to REALLY like your one-and-only in order to spend the $30,000 per pod on them, but … still…

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!!