This clown thing sucks.

David Lukkonen rides a unicycle at Amsoil arena. Photo Credit:  Kathy Granmoe

We’ve all been hearing a lot lately about creepy clowns appearing in dark alleys and streets across America – and now rumor has it they’ve migrated into Minnesota as well. We here at are fortunate to have our very own clown in the building – DNT account executive and AAD Shriner clown, David Lukkonen.

So our editor, Holly, headed upstairs to ask David, person-to-clown, just what’s so scary about these jesters.

“This clown thing sucks,” David said. “I have worked the circus for six years and five as a clown. We hit the bricks one hour before each performance and stop when the last kid has walked out of the arena.  Sure some kids are scared at first, but our job is to keep the kids and adults happy. Kids run up to me at the end of the circus and hug me, telling me how much they loved coming to the circus and thanking me for the balloons and candy. During the three days of the circus I make more than 1,000 balloon animals. We have about 10 local guys who do this each year, and we do it for free.”

But David, what if I run into you in a back alley?

“I will never be dressed as a clown in a back alley,” he said. “We have ‘clown alley,’ in a locker room where we change.”

Um, still creepy . . .