Tavern on the Hill – The Velvet Elvis – Just The Facts

Sandwich Rating

9 The Bread
8 The Meat
9 The Toppings
9 Accoutrements

In the relentless pursuit of the very best, sometimes you find yourself in uncharted territory. Take for example Tavern on the Hill’s Velvet Elvis: a half pound of beef, pepper jack cheese, a beautifully fried egg, and a healthy dollop of natural creamy peanut butter.  Peanut butter on a burger? Some might say that’s crazy. I’d say it’s crazy delicious.

[The Bread 9/10] The Velvet Elvis rests safely atop a brilliantly dark and smooth pretzel bun. This bun is the kind of thing of which dreams are made. A soft and chewy foundation  to build a burger worthy of it’s namesake.

[The Meat 8/10] With a half pound patty of beef, it’s obvious this burger is engineered for success. Brilliantly seasoned and cooked fresh, this beef patty truly is fit for the King.

[The Toppings 9/10] The Velvet Elvis is topped with things that elevate the burger to something more. It starts with pepper jack cheese for a spicy kick, a perfectly fried egg provides richness, and a schmear of salty-sweet creamy peanut butter to push it to the next level. I know what you’re thinking: peanut butter on a burger? Trust me, one taste and you’ll be a believer.

[Accoutrements 9/10] The house-made salted kettle chips provide a beautifully crunchy contrast and the cuke coins (as in cucumber) deliver a refreshing brightness that help to round out this burger experience.

[Conclusion] Like Elvis himself, the Velvet Elvis transcends the boundaries of the burger to become something more. Tavern on the Hill has worked hard to develop a truly delicious set of offerings. I highly recommend stopping by for an experience you can’t get anywhere else.


Tavern on The Hill
1102 Woodland Ave
Duluth, MN
phone: (218) 724-0010
website: tavernduluth.com
facebook: facebook.com/tavernonthehillduluthmn