Tavern on the Hill – Soup + Sandwich – Just the Facts

Meal Rating

7 The Bread
7 The Meat
7 Toppings
9 Accouterments

Tavern on the Hill is one of Duluth’s newest restaurants, sitting atop the hill and situated among beautiful establishments in the Shops at Bluestone. This popular venue is always buzzing with energy. We decided to check out their lunch specials, of which I chose the very affordable Half Sandwich / Half Soup meal. Decisions, decisions, the options standing before me all made my mouth water, but I eventually settled on the Grilled Ham and Gruyere Sandwich with a side of Tavern Beer and Cheddar Cheese Soup.

[The Bread 7/10]
As a classic grilled cheese should be, this grilled ham and cheese sandwich was served on toasted sourdough bread. Not over the top nor underwhelming, Tavern made a great choice keeping this sandwich simple, classic, and delicious.

[The Meat 7/10]
This sandwich rocked thinly sliced deli meat ham resting cozily on the toasted bread. Salty and sweet, delicious ham. Just like Grandma bakes for Christmas dinner.

[Toppings 7/10]
Toppings, of course, included the only necessity for a true sandwich – cheese. Warm, melty, gruyere cheese to be exact. The distinct sweet and salty flavor of the gruyere paired well with the similar profile of the ham. I recommend adding the Tavern’s spicy cuke coins. These signature pickles are served on the side, but are best enjoyed on the sandwich to provide additional tang, spice, and acidity.

[Accouterments 9/10]
Let’s cut to the chase – The beer and cheese soup was phenomenal. Smooth and creamy with an occasional soft piece of onion. This bold soup offered a slight kick of spice to jazz it up. The soup was served with a sprinkle of popcorn on top, offering nice textural contrast to the otherwise silky soup.

I must also make honorable mention to the beverage I paired with my meal – Life Juice, one of Tavern’s natural refreshment creations. Pomegranate, mango, and cranberry blended with iced tea and club soda. It was a fancy iced tea beverage that enhanced this meal into a full comfort food experience.

Tavern on the Hill offers a great lunch menu for affordable prices with just enough meal selections to make your final decision tough. My choosing of the Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich with the Tavern Beer and Cheddar Cheese Soup was a comfort meal worthy of that cold Duluth winter day.


Tavern on The Hill
1102 Woodland Ave
Duluth, MN
phone: (218) 724-0010
website: tavernduluth.com
facebook: facebook.com/tavernonthehillduluthmn



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