Sports Garden – The Rodeo Burger – Just The Facts

8 The Bread
8 The Meat
9 Toppings
7 Accoutrements

Located in Canal Park, The Sports Garden is a great place to take the family and enjoy the game. The TVs are plentiful and huge, they have great drink specials, and delicious food. Not to mention the beautiful sunset views of the harbor from the outdoor patio. We stopped in and enjoyed one of their burgers: The Rodeo Burger.

[The Bread 8/10]
This burger starts with a grilled bakery bun. A grilled bun is a great foundation for this mountain of a burger. That’s good, too, because there’s a lot of delicious things resting on this bun.

[The Meat 8/10]
The Rodeo burger comes with a perfectly seasoned beef patty. That wasn’t enough, though, so they added some thick-cut, corn cob smoked, hang off the bun bacon.  And isn’t everything better with bacon?

[Toppings 9/10]
Spicy pepper jack cheese, tangy Barbecue sauce, and one of the best onion rings you’ll ever have make this burger a burger worth coming back for. The Barbecue sauce gives a wonderful sweet and tangy zest that balances wonderfully with the spicy pepper jack cheese.

[Accoutrements 7/10]
Served with a generous pile of french fries or, if one just isn’t enough, their famous onion rings,  and pickle slices. This is a meal  big enough for even the biggest cowboy’s appetite.

[Conclusion] The next time you find yourself in Canal Park stop in to The Sports Garden. With plenty of menu options the whole family will love, great entertainment, and half priced burgers Wednesday evenings,  you will not be disappointed. Tell ’em sent you!

The Sports Garden
425 S Lake Ave
Duluth, MN 55802
phone: (218) 722-4724



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