Say Cheese! Visits Mount Royal Deli

Did you know that the Mount Royal Market Deli has over 320 varieties of cheese? As loyal cheese lovers and eternal snackers, had to get a taste!

So, what did we learn in the first installment of our brand new ‘Say Cheese’ series?

-During the holidays, Mount Royal ups their cheese assortment to about 425.

-Want to wow your friends and family on Easter? Deli Manager Bruce recommends an arrangement of soft brie, double cream, triple cream, gouda and goat cheese.

-If you really want to take it up a notch, Mount Royal’s most expensive cheese is Hook’s 15 Year Sharp Cheddar, made in Mineral Point, Wisconsin. The price tag? $79.99/lb.

Visit Bruce and the staff at Mount Royal to learn more about their gourmet cheeses!