Pita Pit – Chicken Souvlaki – Just The Facts

7 The Bread
8 The Meat
8 Toppings
6 Accoutrements

Located inside the brand new Maurice’s headquarters building on Superior Street, Pita Pit is a build-your-own sandwich style restaurant with a twist: everything is made on a pita. We stopped in for the grand opening and took a Chicken Souvlaki for a spin.

[The Bread 7/10]

If the name didn’t tip you off, Pita Pit serves all their sandwiches on, or rather, in pita bread. The pita bread does a fantastic job of holding in the sandwich guts, better than any sandwich bread or bun has any hope of accomplishing. And it tastes pretty good, too.

[The Meat 8/10]

Like everything at Pita Pit, The chicken was made to order and was hot off the grill. It tasted exotic compared to your standard sandwich staples. It was garlicy and lemony and played quite well with the toppings I selected/they suggested.

[Toppings 8/10]

The toppings are where things get extra exciting at Pita Pit. Similar to other entries into the choose-your-own-destiny offerings like Subway or Chipotle, Pita Pit lets you choose from over 25 topping choices, including things like corn, pineapple, Avocado, and even Hummus. Plus over 25 sauce options like Sriracha and Tzatziki. The possibilities are nearly endless. They also have recommended toppings listed for each sandwich choice in case you don’t trust yourself to make good topping choices.

I decided to go with the recommended toppings for my Souvlaki: Spinach, Tomatoes, Onions, Cucumbers, Black Olives, Feta cheese and Tzatziki sauce. The toppings really played well with the Souvlaki chicken, very Mediterranean.

[Accoutrements 6/10]

Pita Pit offers a variety of packaged chips to accompany your pita. They’ve also got a Freestyle Coke machine which meant I got to drink lemon diet Coke. The real star here is the pita sandwiches.


Pita Pit is another great option for quick lunch dining downtown. With the variety of topping choices and hot off the grill meat options, there will always be something new and delicious to try. Stop by and try the Chicken Souvlaki and tell them Duluth.com sent you!

Pita Pit
425 West Superior Street
Duluth, MN 55802
phone: 218.623.1889

website: pitapitusa.com



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