People of Duluth: Iceman Roger

“When Superior called me and said they wanted me to do this, that was probably the most exciting day of my life.”



“At my home, I got pretty good at it. It got pretty tall. At my home I’ve got a geothermic heating system and the water from that goes out as waste water. I don’t like to throw anything away, including water. At first I stuck a tree out there, and that didn’t work very good.  I put up a rebar structure, and that worked a little bit better.”


“The water comes from the lake. I got a sump pump out there. The magic of this system is getting the water to go where you want it to go. It’s getting better and better every time.”


“The only way you are going to progress is taking things to the limit. The goal is always as high as I can go. I can get to 75 feet if I have the proper conditions. When you get to a certain height you start creating your own weather patterns.”


“The weather is so mean here. Last year it started to really get warm. I had a really nice structure up, and I was just beginning to put the side walls on it and it crashed. It fell down. That was serendipity in it’s truest form because with that we got international attention.”

“One of the people from the chamber of commerce says ‘Can you do that again next year?’ It was so popular.”


I  wanna keep doing this until I’m physically unable to do it. I want people to know, I am looking for an apprentice. I want to pass this on.”