Northern Waters – Old Bay Burger – Just The Facts

Sandwich Rating

7 The Bread
8 The Meat
9 The Toppings
9 Accoutrements

I think we can all agree that the folks at northern waters smokehaus have been doing things right for some time now. From delicious fresh sandwiches to smoked meats, and the greatest condiment in town (I’m looking at you Crayo)  Northern Waters Smokehaus holds a firm place on my personal list of must visits. When I heard Northern Waters opened its doors in Woodland I drove there immediately.

Northern Waters is very much cut from the same cloth as its smokehaus brother. After glancing at the handwritten lunch menu it only took me a second to decide on the Old Bay Burger.

[The Bread 7/10] Challah bread was an excellent and delicious bread choice. Good burger conveyance is critical for sandwich success. This bun got the job done.

[The Meat 8/10] To my delight, the Old Bay burger is made with  Smokehaus whitefish. I was worried it might read more like a fish cake but it had a nice burger bite. The namesake seasoning played well with the smoky whitefish and made for an amazing burger.

[The Toppings 9/10] Like any good burger, serving with lettuce and tomato seems like a smart solid choice. A welcome newcomer to the Duluth condiment scene, the lemon aioli is a bright and delicious surprise and really pulled things together making for a cohesive experience.

[Accoutrements 9/10] Pickle slices are the unsung heroes of contrast on the lunch plate. Northern Waters knows this and took it one step further with pickled onions and peppers. Coupled with awesomely crispy potato chips you’ve got yourself a nearly perfect meal.


With a new, modern space in Woodland, a beautiful bar, and a nearly all new menu, Northern Waters is primed for success. When next you feel the need for some fish head directly to Northern Waters. They won’t disappoint.

Northern Waters
1608 Woodland Avenue
Duluth, MN
phone: (218) 249-1957