Motivation Monday : Beards



-17°? As in, 17 degrees BELOW ZERO?
No big deal. Since the city’s incorporation in 1870, Duluthians have been finding methods to keep their extremities warm when the temperature drops below zero. Today, a beard is just one measure. Lumberjack status unnecessary. Flannel, optional but encouraged. If one finds themselves in a position without a spirit animal attached to one’s face (aka, beard), there are other options, such as: 1) Find a great yoga instructor, such as Joella at Studio Duluth. Because moving your body will increase blood flow, ultimately leading to snuggly warm bodies and faces. 2) Buy a beard hat. Yes, these exist. See Etsy. 3) Live as a couch potato, indoors, for the 8 months of winter.

So tell us, Duluth, how do you stay warm on these frosty below zero days? Comment below to share your secrets!