Out to Lunch: East High School’s Food for Thought Restaurant

Okay, this has to be one of the best kept food secrets in Duluth: gourmet-quality dishes… prepared and served by high school students!

Young chefs-in-training were hard at work Wednesday at Duluth East High School’s Food for Thought Restaurant whipping up some amazing dishes under the tutelage of Chef Glenn D’Amour, CEC Culinary Arts Instructor.

What We Ordered

Let’s start with what was ready and waiting for us at the table when we arrived: fresh homemade bread and butter. This bread was so good that we packed the rest of it up to show off to our officemates!

Our waitress greeted us promptly with ice water and drink orders, and then asked if we’d like a side salad or soup ahead of our meal. It turns out there’s no wrong choice here: the soup was a fantastic student-made pork and baked potato, and the salad boasted a mix of greens including romaine, iceberg and spring mix, accompanied by fresh peppers, cheese, and student-made dressings.

Our crew at Duluth.com ordered dishes ahead of time, which is what you’ll want to do if you visit Food for Thought (instructions at the bottom of this post).

Holly’s Pick: Grilled Salman Baja Style

Dave Rogotzke Alaskan Salmon Char-grilled and topped with citrus butter and fruit salsa, served with an array of fresh sautéed vegetables and a Southwest Herb Risotto

“The salmon was cooked to perfection, and the fruit salsa was out of this world. It paired well with the cheesy risotto!”

Michelle’s Pick: Southwest Blackbean Falafel with Grilled Vegetables in Pita

Grilled Portobello and vegetables with succotash breaded and fried falafel style, with pita, fresh spinach and melted five cheese mixture (Michelle ordered hers without cheese)

“One of the best falafel dishes I’ve had! The veggies were seasoned beautifully and cooked to the ideal level of tenderness.”

Ali’s Pick: Chicken Tetrazzini (a weekly feature dish for May 9-11)

A classic Italian dish of sautéed chicken breast, wild mushrooms, sweet peppers and peas in a creamy garlic sauce and gratin ‘ate of mozzarella cheese, served on student-made pasta

“It was like… fall apart in your mouth tender, melty cheese, creamy Alfredo goodness in my mouth.”

As we entered the beginning stages of our food comas, the students surprised us with dessert, and we forgot all about our full stomachs. To be honest, we mopped up the cheesecake like there was no tomorrow.

Want to give Food for Thought Restaurant a try?
Here’s how it works: customers call a reservation line 24 hours in advance to place their order (218-336-8845 ext 4055).

Make sure you call ahead of time, because each order becomes a student’s lesson plan for the following day.

Once you’re on the line, leave a message with the following information:

-Day and date you want to eat
-Name on the reservation
-Number of people in your reservation
-Phone number
-Preorder from the menu/weekly specials and include any special requests or dietary needs
-Remember to include how you would like your steak done, or whether you want an ingredient left out

You’ll receive a confirmation call on your reservation after it’s made, and keep in mind that Food for Thought accepts cash or checks only.

Other Important Details

Food for Thought is located at East High School on 40th Avenue East and Superior Street in Duluth.

Parking is available in the main lot or at the curb outside the entrance.

Enter through the door with the red awning, which is to the right of the main entrance to the school.

Guests are asked to arrive between 11:35-11:40am, and seating begins at 11:45am.