Ignite Studio Offers Free Classes for Get Downtown Week

To be honest, when we think of Get Downtown Week, we usually jump right to the food specials. But we’re trying to hang on to the shreds of our New Year’s resolutions, so we went to Ignite Studio to check out their deals and get some serious motivation.

“We are really a family,” Co-Owner Christine Pfeiffer Stocke says. “We believe that confidence is way more important than getting 15,000 steps. Exercise is important, but feel good about yourself. That’s the biggest thing.”

Ignite Studio is passionate about their downtown location, and they’re participating in Get Downtown Week by offering two free classes. The first is on Wednesday, May 17 at 3pm, and it’s all about meditation. Stocke says they hope people will skip the afternoon candy bar or cup of coffee and stop by the studio for a half hour instead.

“You don’t even have to change out of your office clothes,” she explains. “You’re not gonna break a sweat, you’re just gonna really go inside and meditate, feel good and then maybe go back to your desk and be able to power through the day.”

If you’d rather put your workout clothes on and get that heart rate up, consider trying Ignite Studio’s free Aerial Intro class on Friday, May 19 at 6:30pm. Stocke says it’s for all abilities and will cover the basics of Aerial exercise, which the studio calls “Be Fly.”

If you want to learn more or register for the Aerial Intro, call Ignite Studio at 218-216-6996. FYI – spots are filling up FAST!

Here’s a full list of Get Downtown deals.