Happy Root Beer Float Day!

Likerootbeer.IMG_7923 any great food invention, the origins of the Root Beer Float’s vary depending on who’s telling the story. One version says while running his soda fountain at a celebration in Philadelphia in 1874, Mr. Robert McCay Green ran out of ice for his flavored carbonated beverages. In a move of pure genius / dumb luck, he decided to replace the ice in his concoctions with some vanilla ice cream from a neighboring vendor.
Another story says he scooped the ice cream on accident, and yet another says it was done intentionally to edge out the competition. Whatever the truth, folks the world over have been enjoying them ever since.

August 6th is Rootbeer Float Day.

Why not celebrate the magic of ice cream and soda and head to Bridgeman’s to enjoy one of the best Rootbeer Floats in Duluth!


It starts with a massive frosty mug filled with 1919 draft root beer, then it’s topped off with a few scoops of Bridgeman’s premium vanilla ice cream. What better way to celebrate Mr. Green’s innovation? Stop by Bridgeman’s and tell ’em Duluth.com sent you!


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