Gotta Catch ‘Em All? 5 Reasons to Ride the DTA while playing Pokemon GO! in Duluth

By now you’ve heard about Pokemon GO! and seen the affect it’s had on gamers everywhere. In a world full of video games that keep people cooped up in their basements “connecting” with other people while sitting on their couch, it’s refreshing to see a game that encourages people to leave the house and explore the world around them and connecting with real people in that real world.

If you haven’t yet started playing, or even if you’re already a Master Trainer, we’ve got 5 reasons you should consider including riding the DTA in your Pokemon GO! plans this weekend!



It’s Safe!

We all know it’s not safe to text and drive. Actually, it’s illegal. It’s also pretty obvious playing Pokemon GO! isn’t something you should do while driving. Avoid getting a ticket, or worse, in an accident, by letting someone else drive while you hit the various Pokestops around town.


It’s Convenient!

Buses tend to travel through highly populated areas. Highly populated areas tend to have many Pokestops. It also takes you from place to place potentially helping you to multitask by enabling you to accomplish things while playing Pokemon! Need to get some groceries? Level up on your way to the store!

It’s Comfortable!

Walking from landmark to landmark is slow and painful. Riding the bus is comfortable and convenient. Did we mention the buses are air conditioned?


It’s Cheap!

An all day pass on the DTA costs only $4! AND if you’re a student at one of the many Duluth colleges that include bus passes with tuition, it’s FREE.


It’s Reliable!

The DTA publishes their bus routes and schedules on their website, and on google maps. They also update the location of the buses so you know exactly when the bus will arrive to take you home when your phone starts to die in the park.


I decided to try the Pokemon GO! yesterday for the first time. I hopped on a bus at the DTC center downtown. In just one bus ride I caught 30 Pokemon and leveled up to level 5! All from the comfort and safety of a bus.


If you are on the fence about trying Pokemon, I’d recommend giving it a shot, and while you’re at it, consider including the DTA for your travel and Pokemon GO! plans.



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