Final voting underway: help the International Wolf Center name their wolf pups

Photo courtesy International Wolf Center
Photo courtesy International Wolf Center

Final voting is underway to name the two new arctic wolf pups at the International Wolf Center in Ely.

Out of more than 1,900 nominations received last week, the wolf center said the top three names for each of the male pups are:

Pup 1: Axel, Matteo and Peary
Pup 2: Hudson, Hawthorne and Grayson
Vote for your favorite name online at no later than 11:59 p.m. Friday; one vote is allowed per email address. The winning names will be announced later this month.

The pups can be seen four times a day during live programs at the wolf center and can also be viewed on the streaming pup cams at

Arctic wolves live north of the Arctic Circle and survive in some of the most extreme conditions on Earth, according to the wolf center. The pups are expected to transition quickly from their dark fur color to pure white this summer.

The pups arrived in Ely from Canada on May 25 after being monitored on the flight by specialists and receiving an OK from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service upon arrival.

The pups have received around-the-clock care and intense socialization for several weeks, according to the wolf center.

The wolf center doesn’t breed wolves; instead, it adopts wolf pups every four years to join its Exhibit Pack. The pups are expected to join the pack in early August. The pack includes adult wolves Grizzer, Aidan, Denali, Luna and Boltz.