Duluth Pokemon GO Crash Course Primer Guide

Whether you are brand new to Pokemon GO, or maybe you’d just like to understand how to be a better Pokemon Master, our Pokemon GO Primer will have you catching Pokemon all over Duluth in no time.

There are several aspects to playing Pokemon GO that aren’t obvious (or even explained) that make your gameplay experience smoother and easier to understand. There are a couple of major goals to the game: completing your Pokedex (aka, “catching them all”) and training strong Pokemon to battle and defend gyms.

Getting Started

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When you first start your Pokemon GO adventure, you will be prompted to create and name your character. Take care to make appropriate selections, as Niantic only very rarely allows for name and character gender changes. Your outfit is customizable later on, so you can get your fleek on whenever the urge strikes.

Your First Monster



Once you’ve gotten your character and name set, three Pokemon will appear for you to capture: Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. These are the original starting Pokemon from the first generation game. You can capture any one of these three you choose, or, you can run away from them until a Pikachu appears. Whichever you choose, your first Pokemon marks the beginning of your adventure.



There are many items provided to you on your Pokemon adventure. Mastering the use of these items takes time; from potions to lucky eggs, each has a specific job to aid you in your journey to becoming the Pokemon Master.

Now that you’ve started your journey, these steps will help guide you to becoming the best there ever was.

#1 Never Skip a Pokestop


You don’t want to run out of poke balls. Whether you’re hunting for rare monsters to fill out your Pokedex or trying to stock up on Pidgey candy, running out of containers for your animated beasts shuts down your operation quickly. Pokestops are also the only place to get other needed items such as revives, potions, and eggs to hatch, so stopping and supplying yourself is always a great idea.

#2 Choose Your Team


Pokemon GO is a very communal game. Playing with friends and comparing your progress against each other is one of the best parts of playing GO. Once you reach Level 5 and visit a Gym, you will be prompted to select which team you would like to join: Valor, Instinct, or Mystic. Being on the same team as your friends allows you to team up to battle rival gyms and to put Pokemon side-by-side to defend gyms your team owns. On the flip-side, choosing a team opposite of your friends adds a level of friendly competition and bragging rights. Either way you GO, this early decision will affect your gameplay, so choose wisely.

#3 Catch ‘em All


Much like the theme song states, you should try to catch as many Pokemon as you can. One of the main objectives is to complete your Pokedex by catching new Pokemon. Not only do you gain experience from catching Pokemon, but you also get stardust and candy, which are needed to strengthen and evolve your Pokemon.

#4 Make Sure Your Eggs are Incubating


Much like when you forget your FitBit at home, walking all over Duluth without any eggs in your incubators means your steps don’t count. Hatching eggs gives you a Pokemon, experience, candy AND dust, making them a very valuable resource in your journey to be the best. Make sure you always get another egg going as soon as you hatch one, and you’ll be a step ahead on your adventure.

#5 Get out There!


Now that you’re ready to become the best there ever was, get out there and play! Don’t know where to GO? Check out the 5 (or 6!) Best Places to Play Pokemon GO! in Duluth.



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