Duluth.com Explores Duluth’s Little Free Libraries

The magic of reading allows us access to a teleportation device, a fantastic world, time travel, mythical beasts, historical figures, superheroes and supernatural powers, wisdom and counsel.  One nonprofit organization is promoting literacy in 36,000 neighborhoods around the world. You may have seen them around Duluth; these Little Free Libraries are providing free books in exchange for another book. A beautifully collaborative “take a book, leave a book” philosophy.

Duluth.com ventured around town to encourage you to find a Little Free Library in your area. Gargoyles and reading benches, creative paintings and intricate constructions, each box was equally unique as the books inside.  All together we came across 18 libraries which are pictured below.  For a full area map of locations, click here.

East 9th Street and North 4th Avenue East

library_selects.IMG_0182 library_selects.IMG_0185

Chester Parkway and East Skyline

library_selects.IMG_0187 library_selects.IMG_0189

Woodhaven Lane and Hartley Road

library_selects.IMG_0191 library_selects.IMG_0197

Roslyn Avenue and Carlisle Road

library_selects.IMG_0200 library_selects.IMG_0202

Mankato Street and Rendle Avenue

library_selects.IMG_0204 library_selects.IMG_0207

Allendale Avenue and Owatonna Street

library_selects.IMG_0211 library_selects.IMG_0212

Snively Road and Morely Parkway

library_selects.IMG_0213 library_selects.IMG_0215

Broadwing and 52nd Avenue East

library_selects.IMG_0220 library_selects.IMG_0221

60th Avenue East and Avondale Street

library_selects.IMG_0223 library_selects.IMG_0224

55th Avenue East and London Road

library_selects.IMG_0228 library_selects.IMG_0231 library_selects.IMG_0229

51st Avenue East and Glenwood Street

library_selects.IMG_0233 library_selects.IMG_0237

40th Avenue East and Dodge Street

library_selects.IMG_0238 library_selects.IMG_0240

41st Avenue East and Cooke Street

library_selects.IMG_0244 library_selects.IMG_0248 library_selects.IMG_0245

41st Avenue East and McCullough Street

library_selects.IMG_0252 library_selects.IMG_0255

42nd Avenue East and Gilliat Street

library_selects.IMG_0262 library_selects.IMG_0265

38th Avenue East and Superior Street

library_selects.IMG_0268 library_selects.IMG_0273 library_selects.IMG_0271

36th Avenue East and Superior Street

library_selects.IMG_0274 library_selects.IMG_0278 library_selects.IMG_0277

36th Avenue East and 4th Street

library_selects.IMG_0281 library_selects.IMG_0284 library_selects.IMG_0285

Explore your neighborhood, read a book and engage your imagination. “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss