Deluxe Coney Island – Classic Coney – Just The Facts

7 The Bun
7 The Meat
9 Toppings
7 Accoutrements

Since 1928 Coney Island Deluxe has been serving up simple, hearty, and delicious food to the Northland. With a no nonsense menu that focuses on their strengths (coneys and gyros)  Coney Island Deluxe has positioned itself as a classic Duluth institution capable of feeding even the biggest appetite. I ventured over today for lunch and got myself the #2: two coneys, fries, and a drink.

[The Bun 7/10] A coney is a classic. It comes the same way today as it did over 80 years ago when Coney Island Deluxe was founded. The buns reflect this heritage by keeping things simple: standard white hot dog buns.

[The Meat 7/10]
Coney Island Deluxe does things right with the dogs: Quality beef franks cooked in batches on a flattop grill… and I wouldn’t change a thing.

[Toppings 9/10]
Without coney sauce, you have but a simple hotdog. With a delicious blend of lean beef and tangy spices, mustard, and onions, Coney Island Deluxe knows just what it takes to elevate a humble frankfurter into a treat good enough to found an institution.  It’s so good, they even sell this glorious coney sauce by the gallon (for real.)

[Accoutrements 7/10]
The #2 comes with golden brown French fries which makes sense because that’s what you SHOULD eat with a coney.  How else are you going to eat the coney sauce that found it’s way onto your plate?

[Conclusion] If it’s a no nonsense lunch you seek, or perhaps you’re just in the mood for a delicious and hearty meal that has lasted the test of time and won’t break the bank, a stop into Coney Island Deluxe will not let you down.  Tell ’em sent you.

Coney Island Deluxe
112 West 1 st Street
uluth, MN 55802
phone: (218) 722-2772



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