hollyhenry2Holly Henry
Editor | 218-481-1705
Hi there! My name is Holly Henry and I’m the editor of I get to be part of an amazing team of people who bring you stories on all the cool people, places and happenings in our very cool city. Having grown up not far from Lake Superior, it’s always been the place where I feel most at home. Even though I have a really bad case of wanderlust and am always dreaming of where I can go next, I’m truly most at home, and happiest, right here. I’ve also always loved words and stringing them together, which comes in really handy around here. In my spare time I save dogs and enjoy the great outdoors. Welcome to Follow us. We’re going to great places!
Michelle Head Shot (3)Michelle Truax
Multimedia Producer | 218-391-8126
Hello! My name is Michelle Truax and I’m the multimedia producer for That basically means I get to spend my time capturing the essence of our beautiful city through video, photography and writing. It’s a dream come true for this Duluthian! I’m always looking for new ideas and creative ways to share stories, and I’d love to hear from you! I spend my spare time exploring our plentiful parks and forests with my husband, cooking new recipes, and cuddling with my cat, Louis.
Ali Head shot
Ali Comnick
Account Executive | 218-428-2929
Hi everyone! I’m Ali Comnick and I’m an Account Executive for I am a native to the Duluth area and could not imagine living anywhere else! I am a people person! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the people, the scenery and the community of Duluth! When I am not working I spend my time outside enjoying all of the scenery our incredible city has to offer! From walking the trails of our iconic wilderness to throwing a tennis ball for my dog, Gunnar, in one of our many lakes! I am so excited to share with you all my passion for this amazing city I call home! Cheers!!
dee-004-copy-1Dee Munson
Account Executive | 218-940-8434
Hi! I’m Dee Munson and I’m an Account Executive for Having been a part of the publishing world for more than 30 years, it is the highlight of my career to work with this great team of folks at A life-long Duluthian, it is an honor to be part of celebrating everything our fair city has to offer. Join us at as we celebrate who we are! Wherever you go, go with!