Canal Park Brewery – Gyro Burger – Just The Facts

8 The Bun
9 The Meat
9 Toppings
7 Accoutrements

The Canal Park Brewing Company has been brewing beer and serving tasty food since 2012. In its young life, the restaurant-slash-brewery has cultivated its own community as it continues to provide Duluthians and visitors a great gathering place on the shores of Lake Superior. On a cool spring day, ventured to the restaurant for lunch. A variety of delicious burger options before us, we decided to try the Gyro Burger.

[The Bun 8/10] The focaccia bun hosting the Gyro Burger was a great companion to the Mediterranean flavors of a gyro. This herb-filled bun was more fluffy and light than the traditional texture I expect from a standard focaccia, a nice touch. This served as a simple, yet thoughtful, vessel for the flavor explosion about to happen.

[The Meat 9/10]
The patty itself was bursting with authentic European herbs and spices, transporting each bite to Greece. The first bite into the burger, I had forgotten that this wasn’t your everyday beef patty. This gyro patty was made of super juicy lamb and pork. These meats provided a full, rich flavor, different in the best way possible.

[Toppings 9/10]
The burger was served with traditional gyro toppings – raw onion, tomato, and an oozing layer of tangy, tasty, tzatziki.  Red wine vinaigrette rounded out the big, bold gyro flavors with a twist of acidity and depth.

[Accoutrements 7/10]
Canal Park Brewery serves burgers with a variety of side options including chips, fries, sweet potato fries, onion rings, and even a side salad. Sweet potato fries seemed an obvious choice, the slightly sweet flavors helped balance a very savory Gyro Burger.

[Conclusion] Staying true to their mission, Canal Park Brewing Company presents a menu engineered to pair well with the beer brewed on site. With so many delicious beer and menu items to choose from it’s clear why this brewpub has become a popular destination for so many.  If you enjoy a little jazz to your burger routine, we recommend checking out the Gyro Burger. While you’re at it, why not take in a brewery tour! Tell ‘em sent you.

Canal Park Brewing Company
300 Canal Park Drive
Duluth MN 55802
phone: (218) 464-4790



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