Billy’s Bar – Mushroom Swiss Burger – Just The Facts

Sandwich Rating

8 The Bread
8 The Meat
9 The Toppings
9 Accoutrements

When you’re hungry for a good burger, Billy’s Bar off of Jean Duluth Road is cranking out classic, feel good burgers in a casual off-the-beaten-path setting. One of my favorite burgers to order is a mushroom swiss, so of course I had to try Billy’s version. 

[The Bread 8/10] Strategically served open, the burger and mountain of toppings covered the bottom half of the bun.  The top was placed upside-down adjacent to the star of the meal which revealed a perfect toast. Browned, buttered, and slightly crispy inside provided a nice flavor to the soft split-top bun.

[The Meat 8/10] Mmm beef. There are a few ways beef can go wrong, but Billy’s burger offered none of those burger faux pas. This was not too greasy, not too dry, perfectly sized at 1/3lb to fit snug on its bun, and ever-so-slightly charred for flavor. A great patty of beef, indeed.

[The Toppings 9/10] The real quality of a mushroom swiss burger is measured by its mushrooms. Billy’s passes the test with flying colors by loading up this burger with thick slices of REAL mushroom. No canned mushy things here. And of course to hold it all together is a slice of melty and delicious swiss cheese. It’s a perfect marriage. I also opted to add grilled onions to my burger. I definitely recommend it.

[Accoutrements 9/10] Absolutely upgrade to the Sweet Potato Chips when you visit Billy’s. These house-made beauties are a refreshing alternative if you’re interested in mixing up the classic burger and fries. Super crunchy with a hint of sweetness. I could eat these all day.

[Conclusion] Billy’s Bar has a lot going for them. Great food using quality ingredients, and cool community involvement. Did you know the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon finish line is in their parking lot each year? Read about Billy’s Musher Burger in honor of the event. If you like burgers in a relaxed, easy setting, this is your place. Try the mushroom swiss burger while you’re there!

Billy’s Bar
3502 W Tischer Rd
Duluth, MN
phone: (218) 525-3465