Big Daddy’s – Cream Cheese & Bacon Burger – Just The Facts

7 The Bread
8 The Meat
8 Toppings
8 Accoutrements

A good friend of mine got married this week and while getting my suit I stopped into Big Daddy’s.

Big Daddy’s has over a dozen varieties of burger to choose from.  It’s a classic diner style joint complete with a lunch counter. With such a vast menu of burgers to choose from, I thought it best to ask my waitress for a recommendation. She asked if I liked spicy food (I do), then recommended the Cream Cheese & Bacon Burger.

[The Bread 7/10]
The bread, a huge split-top bun, does what it’s there to do, deliver its delicious contents to your mouth. It was soft and seemed fresh. With the 1/3rd pound of beef plus bacon, the bun had a lot of work to do and it got the job done.

[The Meat 8/10]

Speaking of meat, this burger came with a perfectly cooked 1/3rd pound of USDA choice fresh, never frozen, beef and two enormous hickory smoked, thick cut, hang-off-the-bun strips of bacon. Mmmmm, bacon.

[The Toppings 8/10]
As seems to be the standard at Big Daddy’s, everything comes in huge portions. This was especially true with the hefty heaping of jalapeños that topped this burger. They provided a spicy kick against which the copious cut of cream cheese countered. Quite an alliterative burger.

[Accoutrements 8/10]
All the burgers come with pickle and an extra generous pile of fresh, hand cut fries. The fries were as delicious as they were plentiful. I can’t over state this: the pile of fries was huge. Like feed-two-lumberjacks huge.

If you ever you find yourself in Piedmont, or in need of a delicious burger adventure, do yourself a favor and check out Big Daddy’s. You’ll be glad you did.



Big Daddy’s Burgers
2828 Piedmont Ave
Duluth, MN 55811
phone: 218-720-3181



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