Belly up to the bar for breakfast

I picked my brother up at the West Duluth bus terminal a couple of years ago and he said “Let’s get breakfast and a beer.”

“Luce?,” I offered. He informed he wanted a place like Liquor Lyle’s in Uptown (Minneapolis). Nothing fancy or special, just eggs, hash browns, bacon and a beer. We went to Mr. D’s and got exactly that, a cold tap beer and a good breakfast. And an easy on the wallet price.

So the wife and I went on the hunt for other places in the Twin Ports that have the belly up to the bar, locally-owned atmosphere at a fair price. We think we landed on some good finds. In fact, some of these places were so “local” that some of the owners were working a shift on the mornings we visited.

First we went to the Hacienda (south Superior on Tower) for breakfast and a beer. I paired my taco omelet with a PBR. The wife had over-easy eggs, hash browns, toast and a sausage patty (she loves sausage patties) along with a coffee and Baileys. We were both very happy and enjoyed the newspaper-reading crowd watching NFL highlights. Nice secret is  . . . at the Hacienda all breakfasts come with a free drink.

Another great place in Superior is the Who’s Bar (northern end of Tower). Same thing here – a great little diner-style breakfast with a cold tap beer. They have a very nice long bar that can fit a large amount of people or cool booths if you care to look directly at your breakfast companion.

We also recently tried Billy’s on the Jean Duluth Road. The bar was filled with locals and regulars. This time I paired my breakfast with a Castle Danger Cream Ale. The wife had over-easy eggs, hash browns, sausage patties and toast and a Chick Golden Light. I think she could try something new. We had quick service and a good breakfast. Even though it was too busy to sit at the bar, we got the atmosphere we were looking for and a good breakfast. Looks like the Bloody Marys were popular that morning, too.

We also asked many of our friends where they would go for a hair of the dog, if you will. Their recommendations were the Chalet in Hermantown (hear this place is busy for breakfast and there can be a wait), the Choo Choo in Superior, Barker’s Island (you should know where this is) and The Other Place in Woodland. We were looking for someplace closer to the Downtown area but didn’t seem to find a place that has that feel of being able to belly up to the bar for breakfast.

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