Behind the Counter at Hugo’s Pizza

Ask for a slice of Hugo’s Pizza, and you may get the whole pie! recently filled up on pizza and history at Hugo’s in Gary New Duluth.

Hugo’s has been a family affair since Pat Tollefson and her late husband purchased the restaurant more than 30 years ago.

Their oldest grandson, Craig, has spent 18 years honing his skills in the kitchen. He was kind enough to show us their most popular dish: taco pizza!

Craig works alongside his brother, sister and two uncles, and Pat (Grandma to us all at!) still spends five days a week at Hugo’s, insisting that pizza is the perfect paycheck for her.

The menu at Hugo’s also includes burgers, hot and cold subs, melts and pita sandwiches.

Try them out for yourself at 1313 Commonwealth Avenue, or give them a call at 218-626-3632.

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