9 Winter Essentials Every Duluthian Should Have in Their Car This Winter

As the weather changes and we enter the Holiday Season now is a good time to check our cars for emergency winter preparedness. Anyone who’s lived in the northland knows that when weather happens sometimes you get stuck. Being prepared for that eventuality can make the difference between a potentially life-threatening experience and a pretty okay time stuck in your car.

Jumper Cables


Because no one knows how well their battery will respond to the frigid temperatures. Sometimes you just need a little boost.

A shovel


That snow ain’t gonna move it self.

Kitty Litter


When (not if) you get stuck in the snow this winter, pour a pile of Kitty Litter around your tires to get a boost of traction. Pro-tip: get the non-clumping kind.

A blanket and a change (or two) of warm clothes


Once you’ve exhausted yourself trying to shovel and kitty litter your way out of the ditch and the reality that you are STUCK sets in, you’ll want to spend your time waiting for help in a dignified manner. Change out of those wet clothes and into some warm dry spares, cover yourself in a blanket and settle in. Help will arrive… eventually.

Water and Food

Okay, so you’re stuck. You’re waiting for help. Now what? Even with help on the way, you might find that you want to eat something. Something high in calories (like a candy bar) will help keep your blood sugar high, as well as your spirits.
Worried your water might freeze? Keep the water in the heated passenger compartment, perhaps on the floor in the back seat. That way when the car is operating normally it’ll keep the water warm enough to drink.

First aid kit


This is a great accessory regardless of the season. Simple things like bandaids can make a rough situation a little better. Make sure it’s stocked up and that you know how to use it.

Extra phone charger

Because things can always get worse, keep a car-compatible phone charger in your car. This way even if your phone is dead, you can call for help.



Sometimes you get stuck in the day, and sometimes you get stuck in the night. You can use it to signal for help, inspect your car, or just enable you to catch up on your reading while you wait for help in your car.

Something to do.

Being stuck in the wilderness has it’s benefits. Spending some time to yourself alone in the winter gives you a chance to connect with nature… or read a book… or crochet. The key here is to keep yourself busy.