9 things to do in Duluth when the power is out

As power crews work to return power to the community, there are still many of us without. With this in mind Duluth.com has come up with 9 things you can do when the lights go dark at home.


Go to Sleepsleep

According to the Huffington Post, almost a third of Americans don’t get enough sleep. Stop the madness! Your phone is dead. There’s no Netflix. Go. To. Sleep. Your body will thank you as it reverts back to how the cavemen slept. You’re practically doing the Paleo diet. Look at you! Winning at life!

Find Some Starlight9things_IMG_4147

Living in the great north woods, we are lucky to have lovely star-filled nights. But as Duluth grows, so does the light pollution. Take advantage of this short respite from light and gaze at the sky. If you’re lucky, find a friend with a telescope and get an even more awe-inspiring view. Contemplate your existence. Contemplate our society’s’ dependency on technology. As you’re jonesing for your phone fix, try to get a little perspective.

Pokemon Shadow Puppets

By this time, your cell phone is probably dead. How can you get your Pokemon fix? Do pokemon shadow puppets. Jigglypuff is especially easy. It’s just a circle with ears. Metapod is basically a banana with wings. You got this.

Go to a Little Librarylibrary_selects.IMG_0221

Head to one of the little libraries around town and find a few new books to read by candlelight. As you silently judge your neighbor’s free book choices, imagine how much you are connecting with your community and how much your won’t be when the electricity comes back. Not only that, but there are no late fees nor librarians to shush you.

Picnic Pickup

You can’t turn on your stove and don’t even think of touching that stuff in your fridge. Instead, peruse the taste-tantalizing goods at Mount Royal Fine Foods or Whole Foods Co-op. Grab a picnic and head to one of Duluth’s beautiful parks for a relaxing picnic. Better idea: eat your food as soon as it comes off the conveyer belt. No paper or plastic. You have no shame. These places have air conditioning.

Rock BandWoodblind_01_MC.01_00_55_18.Still003

Make a band. I know what you’re thinking, “BUT I HAVE NO MUSICAL TALENT.” No, no…shhhh… listen, cupcake: You don’t need any musical talent, but you will need friends and pantomime, (use that theatre degree for something!) Here’s all you do: Assign “instruments.” Choose a song you want to “play.” Practice those sick guitar licks by using your voice. Perform your band for your neighbors, your parents, or the pokenerds walking through your yard. You may even want to consider bringing your band to one of the many open mic nights around town.

Sir Ben’ssir_bens_boar_IMG_9801

You’ve got no food, no power, and no AC. Lucky for you, Sir Ben’s has all that, cold drinks, and refreshing views of the lake. Their picturesque pet-friendly patio seating will delight you and your dog! You may even catch the newest pantomime band at their open mic.

Board Games by Candlelightboard_game_01

There’s nothing quite like bartering for sheep in an epic round of Settlers of Catan by candlelight; It makes the experience all the more authentic. If you haven’t played Betrayal at House on the Hill while the dancing shadows of candlelight steal your resolve, you haven’t lived. I stabbed my husband (THE TRAITOR) with a sacrificial dagger last night during the game, and the flames of betrayal burned brighter than ever before!

Get Naughty

After Superstorm Sandy struck the East coast in 2013, hospitals were anticipating a 10 to 30 percent increase in births. There’s something about being stuck in your house without the internet that leads people to a little hanky panky. A little horizontal shuffle. A little Trump bump. Some love tunnel. Knocking some boots. A bit of how’s your father. Making feet for the children’s stockings.

It might be the danger. It might be the boredom. It might be the sexy, sexy candle-lit board games. No matter what you call it, the days are rife with opportunity.

We hope these suggestions help you fill the time in the dark. whether you’re spending time with your family and friends, catching up on some sleep, or just taking in some starlight, there are tons of great things you can do in Duluth, even in the dark.

Got a cool idea not on the list? Share it in the comments below.


Written by Amber Goodspeed Gilbert for Duluth.com. Follow her on Twitter @llamaredpajama