7 Duluth Facts that will Blow your Mind

Duluth is a city with a rich and amazing history. How much do you know about Duluth history? Check out these 7 mind blowing facts about the Zenith City.


#1 The Lake Superior Zoo was established in 1923 under the city’s permission to construct a pen for a pet deer.


#2 Canal Park was historically used as an industrial dumping ground and also contained the area’s red light district.

Canal Park

#3 From 1891 to 1939 Duluth had an extensive cable car system. It stated at today’s Incline Station Bowling Center and went all the way to its upper boarding station on Skyline Parkway.



#4 Twin Ponds was once used as a watering hole for horses.

Twin Ponds


#5 Bert Enger, born in 1907, was a Norwegian immigrant that found great success in Duluth as a furniture baron. Upon his death, he donated a large portion of his estate to the City, including Enger Hill.

Enger Tower

Learn more facts about Enger Tower you didn’t know in our video!



#6 In 1905 the Aerial Transfer Bridge was constructed, with a large gondola capable of carrying up to 60 tons of traffic. It wasn’t until 1929 that the bridge was modified into today’s Aerial Lift bridge to accommodate  growing population and tourism.



#7 Chester Congdon donated funds for the City of Duluth to purchase the land along the eastern shoreline in order to preserve the area in its natural state and remain undeveloped.

Lake Superior

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