5 (or 6!) great Places in Duluth to play Pokemon GO!

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past month, you may not know that Pokemon GO! has all but taken over the internet with its Augmented Reality Pokemon action. You probably do know that Duluth is one of the best places on earth to go outside and experience nature. What better way to become the very best than to run around Duluth catching Pokemon? (Are you brand new to Pokemon? Check out our Duluth.com Pokemon GO Primer!)

#1 Canal Park is the King of Pokestops

Don’t get caught without any Pokeballs to capture your monsters. If you want to make friends, add a lure to a Pokestop and watch the other Pokemasters-in-progress flood to hang out. There are lots of great places to grab a bite and chat with your friends in range of those free prize portals, so take full advantage!


#2 The Lakewalk

Congrats on getting that 10k egg while you were having wings at Grizzly’s! If you want to hatch it, the lakewalk is beautiful and a joy to walk along. Cruising the boards with a couple friends and enjoying the breeze is already an awesome way to spend your afternoon. You could even stop hunting monsters and hunt for some beach glass! Your egg (definitely not a Weedle THIS TIME) will hatch in no time!

#3 Leif Erickson Park


Like Canal Park, Leif Erickson is packed full of poke stops. Due to the massive popularity they are almost always lured which means more monsters for you to catch.  Pair that with a huge variety of spawns and you’ll understand what makes this such a popular Pokemon destination.


#4 Downtown Duluth / Superior Street

There are a lot of interesting places Downtown to visit for Pokestops as well as gyms. The Depot, The government services buildings, and even that fountain people keep putting dish soap in all host Pokestops where you can refill your Pokeball inventory.


#5 Lake Superior Zoo

The Lake Superior Zoo is a beautiful venue for enjoying the majesty of real exotic animals or tracking down that hard to find Pokemon. We’ve seen dozens of people wandering the park and, as a plus, it’s away from the road so you won’t risk any problems with vehicle traffic while you chase after Pokemon. And even if you don’t catch any Pokemon, you can still check out some real animals.


#6 Miller Hill Mall

Go hang out with your grandma and her mall walking friends and get your pokemon on at the same time. Walk around in air conditioned comfort or get out of the rain as you track down those elusive beasts. Just make sure Grandma isn’t on team Instinct (yellow).


Those are just a few places to play that we’ve found. Do you know of a better place? Tell us about it in the comments below and we’ll add it to our list.



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