5 fall looks from Apricot Lane

There are so many reasons to love fall in Duluth. For some, it’s the excitement of seeing the holy grail of all coffee drinks appear at your favorite Starbucks (slay pumpkin spice latte, slay) and for others, it’s the sheer joy of finally being able to take out our comfiest sweaters and ankle boots.

I happen to be one who enjoys the latter and when it comes to fall fashion in Duluth there is one store in particular that always has the trendiest fall pieces, Apricot Lane. Located on Superior St and 3rd Avenue West, Apricot Lane has everything you need to be right on trend for fall.



SCARF: Joy Susan | TOP: Others Follow | PANTS: Black SwanCOAT: Dex | SUNGLASSES: Apricot Lane



HAT: The Hatter | TOP: On The Land | SKIRT: On The Land | TANK: Sugar Lips | PURSE: Joy Susan | NECKLACE: Apricot Lane | Earrings: Apricot Lane



JEANS: Dear John | SWEATER: Hyfve | TANK: Dex | PURSE: Anna Nova | EARRINGS: Apricot Lane | NECKLACE: Apricot Lane



JEANS: Dear John | TOP: Dex | SWEATER: Dex | PURSE: Anna Nova |   NECKLACE: Apricot Lane | RING: Apricot Lane | Earrings: Apricot Lane



JEANS: Dear John | TOP: Signorelli | FLANNEL TOP: Signorelli VEST: Others Follow | PURSE: Joy Susan | EARRINGS: Apricot Lane NECKLACE: Apricot Lane


Apricot Lane
313 W Superior St, Duluth, MN 55802
(218) 722-3200
10AM – 6PM
Shop Online Here