25 Items All Duluthians Should Own

Duluth is a way of life. To consider yourself to be full-blooded Duluthian, we suggest you load up on these 25 items:


  1. Frost River Growler Pack

    Camping? Hiking? Dinner date? No matter the occasion, these cool canvas bags will keep your craft beer growlers safe, sound, and ready for any adventure ahead.
  2. Hillsider by Don Ness
    Not many mayors have been cool enough to publish an entire book documenting his political career. It’s a transparent look at his journey from city councilor through mayor, and explains just why Duluth is so great.
  3. At least one Trampled By Turtles Album
    Trampled by Turtles
  4. Stormy Kromer Hat
    Stormy Kromer
    Nothing says Duluth quite like a red and black plaid hat designed for both fashion and practicality.
  5. DLH clothing
    DLH clothing
    Hand printed in Duluth, you can’t go wrong when paying proud homage to your favorite city on your shirt.
  6. Steger Mukluks
    Like warm hugs comforting your feet in ridiculous cold temperatures. And made in Ely. You betcha.
  7. DPDtip App
    Install this app on your smartphone to alert our local authorities of suspicious behavior. Together, we can keep our neighborhoods safe.
  8. UMD Bulldogs Gear
    Casserole Dish
    What better way to show your Bulldog pride than with bulldog gear. Available at fine retailers.
  9. A Tick Key from Duluth Pack
    Tick Key
    No one enjoys plucking ticks out of one’s skin. This magic device is a no-brainer for anyone spending time in the Minnesota woods.
  10. A Giant Fan
    The Lake is our air conditioner. Which means most houses in Duluth do not have central air. Investing in a large fan will help draw the cool lake air inside on warm summer days… When we have them.
  11. Static Guard Spray
    Static Guard
    Because Duluth’s winter air will completely dry out your hair, clothes and skin until every item in your household is clinging to your wool coat.
  12. Humidifier
    See above.
  13. Epicurean Cutting Board
    Minnesota Cuttingboard
    Particularly a Minnesota shaped board. Or walleye, that would be equally great. Made in Duluth.
  14. DTA Bus Pass
    DTA bus
    Only $40 for a 31 day bus pass with unlimited rides; an economical and environmentally-friendly alternative to your everyday transportation.
  15. A Winter Facemask for Winter Mornings (Balaklava)
    Slightly creepy, but extremely practical.
  16. Kitty litter for your Trunk
    An age old secret to create traction under your wheels on those slippery trips up the hill. Also used for potty trained felines. Ya know?
  17. Snow Shovel
    Also keep in your trunk. Trust us.
  18. Minnesota State Parks Permit
    Jay Cooke
    Helps the conservation of nature, which is inevitably why you love Duluth. Plus it’s pretty inexpensive.
  19. Hiking boots
    Duluth is home to countless parks, trails and recreation areas dying to be explored. No matter the weather, there is always a new place to adventure outdoors.
  20. Grandma’s Marathon Shirt or Medal
    Grandmas marathon
    Need not be a runner to gather memorabilia. Volunteering for this community event is also an option, as well as purchasing from the store.
  21. Homegrown Music Festival Mix Album
    Homegrown is a bit of an institution around here and the annual mixtapes are a great way to stay connected with Duluth’s thriving music scene.
  22. Portland Malt Shoppe Malt
    Porland malt Shoppe
    Okay, not exactly something to own, but absolutely something to enjoy on a hot summer day.
  23. Spirit Mountain Season Pass
    Spirit Mountain
    If you’re a skier or snowboarder, it’s definitely the most affordable method.
  24. Hot Dish Pan
    Casserole Dish
    In which to bake all those Minnesotan hot dishes.
  25. Lost Duluth by Tony Dierckins and Maryanne C. Norton
    Lost Duluth
    Lost Duluth details Duluth’s industrial, neighborhood and landmark history. To continue to thrive as a community, we all need to understand where we’ve been.



Do you have all the things on this list? What other things are essential for a true Duluth experience? Share your ideas in the comments below!