19 Methods to Get You Through the Final Weeks of Winter

It’s mid-February in Duluth. Spring is beginning to make an appearance – melting snow, tufts of brown grass, chirping birds. But with March around the corner, Minnesota’s snowiest month catches many of us by surprise. Awareness is key; don’t be discouraged by a few more weeks of winter when the snow starts flying. Instead, use this opportunity to make the best of what winter in Duluth offers. Here are 19 methods to get you through the final weeks of winter:

  1. Visit Brighton Beach.
    It can be the dead of winter or the hottest day of the year. Brighton Beach never disappoints. One of the best scenic spots in town, there’s no way you’ll long for another season when you’re jumping between rocks and dancing on the shores of Gitche Gumee.
  2. Jump in puddles.
    Dust off those rain boots and indulge your inner child.
  3. Open your windows for fresh air.
    Even on chilly days, refresh your house, car, or office with a few minutes of fresh air bliss.
  4. Do you want to build a snowman?
    Our apologies for the ear worm. But the wet, heavy snow this time of year is perfect for building snow people, forts, castles. Use your imagination. Check out the many Snowmen of Duluth we captured in January.
  5. Plan your next vacation.
    Think Spring Break and the unofficial kick off to summer, Memorial Day.
  6. Go shopping.
    Time for a closet refresh, put the parka away for the season and enjoy filling your armoire with spring clothing. Or help your favorite retail store rid its winter clearance – everything is sure to be on sale.
  7. Tour the Great Lakes Aquarium.
    The saltwater fish will have you feeling like you’re in the tropics, the freshwater fish will remind you of summers at home. Win-win.
  8. Drive over the Aerial Lift Bridge as many times as you want.
    No shipping traffic means no “bridging.”
  9. Start a garden inside your house.
    Kick start your garden by planting seeds in pots. Lots of sun, and be sure to sing. As spring rolls around, your seedlings will be thrilled to leave the nest and enter a larger, outdoor garden.
  10. Hike the trails.
    No need to wait until summer to enjoy Duluth’s endless trail system. In fact, because March is the snowiest month, we still have a few weeks to enjoy those snowshoes. Winter hiking is peaceful, the woods are quiet and traffic is low.
  11. Treat your car to a total wash.
    Four months of road salt take a toll on your vehicle. Be sure to vacuum the inside and purge all trash.
  12. Grill.
    Nothing says “hello, spring,” quite like your first grilled meal of the year. Hot dogs? Burgers? Filet mignon? The sky is the limit.
  13. Stay overnight at a nearby hotel.
    Experience your town by playing tourist. Jump in the pool, lounge in the hot tub, and veg in front of the television on a oversized king bed. A hotel staycation can feel equally refreshing as a real vacation – but without the travel costs.
  14. Spring clean.
    I know, I know. Spring cleaning isn’t the most exciting plans. Think of it this way – if you spend a snowy, cold weekend cleaning, you won’t need to spend a warm, gorgeous spring day inside.
  15. Complete that long over-due house project.
    Ditch the excuses and wrap up the painting or remodeling project that’s been bugging you for months. It’ll feel great to finally get’er done.
  16. Refresh your music playlist.
    Rid your list of the same ol’ same. Duluth has amazing local artists in every genre, try dipping your toes in something new. Have you heard Bridget’s Cadillac?
  17. Netflix binge.
    Put your feet up. We recommend Fargo, for obvious reasons.
  18. Bake.
    Using the oven in warm weather is an activity I avoid at all costs. While the weather is still cool, utilize your oven as much as possible. Cookies, cakes, hotdish, lasagna, pizza. Enjoy those cool weather comfort foods while you can. We recommend Cheese Burger Totdish.
  19. Exercise.
    Get your body moving after a traditionally dormant season. This may directly conflict with #17 and #18…

Punxsutawney Phil may have predicted a short winter this year, but the famous groundhog’s prediction may not apply to Duluth’s fickle seasonal weather. If you notice the winter blues setting in, use these 19 methods to motivate you through until spring. How do you take advantage of the end of winter?