11 New Insane foods to eat this year at the Minnesota State Fair

As anyone from Minnesota knows, the Minnesota State Fair is THE place to experience the bleeding edge of innovation in fair food. The fine folks at the fair released the list of new food items debuting at this years state fair. Here are 11 of the most insane options available.

#1 Candied Bacon Donut Sliders

Sliced glazed donut holes with thick candied bacon and a chocolate red wine ganache. Move over Wheaties, there’s a new  breakfast of champions in town.

#2 SPAM® Sushi


Grilled SPAM®, sushi rice, fried egg and wasabi rolled in nori (dried seaweed). Essentially a reconstructed Hawaiian Spam musubi.

#3  Minnesota Corn Dog


Seems innocent enough, right? Everybody loves a corn dog! This is no ordinary corn dog: Custom ground sausage on-a-stick made with blueberries, apples, wild rice, maple syrup and cayenne dipped in a homemade corndog batter and deep-fried.

#4 Carpe Diem


Seize the day with this insane fish shaped miso waffle cone filled with balsamic-roasted strawberry compote and topped with vanilla ice cream, graham cracker crumble and a fresh strawberry.  Nothing about this makes any sense to me, really… but that won’t keep me from trying it.

#5  Macaroni & Cheese Curds


Because melted cheese isn’t enough, you’ve gotta add cheese curds to the mix. Is it just me or does it seem obvious they should batter and fry this stuff?

#6 Iron Range Meat & Potatoes


A hearty portion of seasoned beef with a layer of cheddar cheese, topped with mashed potatoes, baked, and drizzled with a wild rice gravy. Essentially a Minnesota Shepard’s Pie.

#7 Sheep Dog


Lamb dog served hot in a bun with garlic sautéed kale, raw fermented sauerkraut, quinoa and honey mustard drizzle. Because when I think Lamb Dog, I think kale and quinoa.

#8 Deep Fried Grilled Cheese Bites


Because the original fried cheese curd obviously isn’t enough, someone went and invented these things: White cheddar cheese blended with beer batter, cubed and deepfried for a taste reminiscent of a grilled cheese sandwich. Served with a bloody mary mix marinara.

#9 SPAM® Curds


Cheese-flavored SPAM® that has been cubed, battered and deep-fried, served with a side of ranch dressing. Nothing says delicious like cheese-flavored SPAM. Just thinking about these gives me heartburn.

#10  Reuben Pickle Dog


A dill pickle spear with sauerkraut and Thousand Island dressing wrapped in a slice of corned beef. It’s like Grandma Nelson was making Reuben pinwheels and decided not to cut them. Delicious? absolutely.

#11 Deep Fried Nachos Supreme

Take everything you love about nachos and cover THAT with crushed tortilla chips, then deep fry it. It’s like nachos and a chimichanga had a delicious fair food baby. Pepper jack cheese cubes coated with a mixture of crushed seasoned tortilla chips and nacho cheese, then deep-fried, covered with taco meat, guacamole, more nacho cheese and sour cream, and served with jalapeños on the side.

With over 500 different food options available it can be hard to choose just one. See the full list of new food items available this year here. Which of these new food items will you try? Which sounds the most insane?  Tell us in the comments below.