11 burgers to try in Duluth

Who doesn’t love a good burger? We’ve come a long way since it’s original invention in the late 19th century. No one knows for sure who invented it but we sure are glad they did.

Looking for a great burger in Duluth? Why not try one of these amazingly delicious Duluth Burgers:


The Breeze Inn – Roasted Pepper Lucy

“The Breeze Inn burgers always start as fresh handmade U.S.D.A. choice beef patties. In the case of the Roasted Pepper Lucy, the 1/2 pound of meat was also stuffed with pepper jack cheese.”


Tavern on the Hill – The Velvet Elvis

“The Velvet Elvis is topped with things that elevate the burger to something more. It starts with pepper jack cheese for a spicy kick, a perfectly fried egg provides richness, and a schmear of salty-sweet creamy peanut butter to push it to the next level.”



Sports Garden – The Rodeo Burger

“Spicy pepper jack cheese, tangy Barbecue sauce, and one of the best onion rings you’ll ever have make this burger a burger worth coming back for.”


Canal Park Brewery – Gyro Burger

“The gyro patty is made of super juicy lamb and pork. The burger is served with traditional gyro toppings – raw onion, tomato, and an oozing layer of tangy, tasty, tzatziki.”


The Rendezvous – Olive Cream Cheese Burger

“All the burgers at The Rendezous are hand pattied USDA choice fresh ground chuck.  The cream cheese (which has tiny bits of chopped olives in it!) and olives are perfectly portioned to give the delicious beef (and in our case bacon) a chance to shine through: well balanced and delicious.”


Lake Avenue Restaurant & Bar – Lake Ave Burger

“A significant portion of melted muenster and smoked cheddar cheese oozed down the sides of the beef while simultaneously gluing the bun top to the burger. Extremely creamy, and delicious.”


Northern Waters – Old Bay Burger

“The Old Bay burger is made with Smokehaus whitefish. I was worried it might read more like a fish cake but it had a nice burger bite.”


7 West Taphouse – Poutine Burger

“The namesake of the burger, the pile of Poutine, isn’t ornamental.  A towering pile of fresh-cut french fries, delicious brown gravy, and melty fried cheese curds as a topping for a sandwich? Yes, it’s for real and yes, it is ridiculously delicious.”



Grandma’s Saloon & Grill – Wild Rice Burger

“This meatless burger was a great change of pace from a standard beef patty. My first bite was surprise; clearly I was accustomed to a big juicy bite of a beef burger. This was earthy. Wild. Clean. As I continued eating, that longing for beef subsides completely and I realized I had fully embraced the dark side the wild rice.”


Big Daddy’s – Cream Cheese & Bacon Burger

“As seems to be the standard at Big Daddy’s, everything comes in huge portions. This was especially true with the hefty heaping of jalapeños that topped this burger. They provided a spicy kick against which the copious cut of cream cheese countered. Quite an alliterative burger.”



Billy’s Bar – Musher Burger

“With three massive third pound patties, you’d better bring an appetite (or a team of sled-dogs.) The folks at Billy’s obviously didn’t think that was enough, though, and stacked on a hefty helping of hearty bacon.”